Buying and Selling Books as a Business


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The BIBS (That's the Business of Internet Book Selling.)

This is where you learn how to build a Business of Internet Book Selling. Whether you are building it as a part-time income from home, as a way to build and save for retirement, or as a business that you want to scale into your main income source, we can help you learn how.

Video Topics

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Introduction to the BIBS

These videos will introduce you to the key concepts that are foundational to building a successful online book business - be sure to start here!

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In this module, we include videos on buying books for your online store: What books to buy and how to know what books to avoid. We include tips for tools and apps that we use. 

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It's important to track the books you purchase so that you know where you're books are in the process and how much profit you're making off of them. We tell you how we've done that to build our BIBS.

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Listing and Shipping

This is where we show you how to list and ship your books so that they stay in good condition and get where they're supposed to go. 

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To make sure your books sell you need to make sure they are priced competitively and there are some tools that help you do that. Here we show you how you can set your books to reprice using the various tools that we've used.

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Reputation Building

Learn how to build your good reputation so that people will want to buy books from you.