All of the Basic BIBS Lessons are uploaded!

That’s exciting. In the Basic BIBS you’ll find tutorials which will teach you to be discerning as you build your online book business (your BIBS.) We believe the Basic BIBS can help people avoid some of the pitfalls with online booksales and give them the tips about what has helped us thrive in this business.

With all of the video tutorials uploaded, PBA and I have taken some time to think through the structuring of the courses and how to move forward from here.

First of all, those who are already Basic BIBS and Advanced BIBS Members will find that you still have your membership, we haven’t removed anyone. Enjoy 🙂

With much thought, these are the changes we made to the membership plans… 

We can teach you the BIBS:

Basic BIBS Membership:

  • Full access to Basic BIBS Training Videos. Clear video tutorials covering Buying, Tracking, Listing and Shipping, Repricing and Reputation Building for your Business of Internet Book Selling so you can avoid pitfalls and learn to buy well-ranking, profitable books for your business.
  • Weekly Newsletters giving you information about our Facebook Live Events and any updates on the website.
  • PDF of the tools we use and the settings we use for live sourcing.

Would you like to know a little about our Basic BIBS Tutorial before you decide whether it might be for you?

You can click on the offer below to get a free preview of the Basic BIBS.