Why Selling Books from Home?

Our Family Suddenly Needed to Way to Increase Our Income

I know this story doesn’t belong to our family alone: Finding out that you have to move because of mold problems in the house you live in, moving someplace to make do, realizing that you need to up your income to make ends meet and find a new place to live. That was our story and I’ve read of others who have lived it too.

Don’t Leave!

Now, I have had the blessing of being a full-time (busy) mom for almost 20 years. That’s pretty amazing these days!

On the other hand, I keenly felt the need and desire to earn money to put into the “pot” so that we could pay off debt and work toward the goal of a down-payment for a home that wasn’t toxic with mold. When I was in my twenties I cleaned toilets (as a custodian in college), worked at Walmart and Wendy’s and even worked one year as a nanny before my first son was born. I was prepared to head out to find a job doing something related to those things. I figured it wouldn’t be hard to get around 20 hours a week.

Every time I tried to discuss it with my husband he said, “Don’t leave me!!!!” We still had lots of little ones at home and one older child who was quite chronically sick – partly from the mold.

Finding the Best Home Business to Fit our Family’s Needs

So we started scouring the options for me to work from home:

  • Did I want to make something to sell? Nope, we didn’t have much room for making or storing things in the little house we moved into that year to escape the mold.
  • Could I run an Amazon store? I looked into it and told my husband I’d rather clean toilets, at least that wasn’t so complicated.
  • Could I be a content writer for websites? Yep, I could! I took a course in that and got on UpWork as a freelance writer and connected with some clients that I really liked. PBA started working freelance doing proof-reading and writing as well. The problem was that it took a lot of time and we were both really busy. Still, we felt like we could make it work and I was getting paid well by my main client.

So far so good, though we were both busy and still barely making ends meet, much less saving any money for a home.

“What is that?”

Haha, that’s what I said when I popped in on my husband to ask if he was ready to go on our date night together (Which I think consisted of going to Sam’s Club.)

He was looking kind of sheepish, or else I wouldn’t have noticed anything. Turns out he had listened to a webinar by Textbook Arbitrage and had just paid $100,000 to use their software and learn how to build a book arbitrage business to support our family.

He was still feeling sheepish when he told me about it later as we drove to town on our date. You know what? My husband is someone who follows through and that’s what I told him that night. Between the two of us, we had tried several home-based work opportunities in the last year and I had seen him work hard and give them his all.

Two things I had learned:

  1. Sometimes you have to invest money in knowledge and tools in order to make money down the road.
  2. My husband wouldn’t give anything a half-hearted try. Everything we tried he gave his all to.

And that’s what I told him.

Textbook Arbitrage Became the New thing that We Tried,

We wanted to see if it could grow into a business that would support our family and buy us a mold-free home to nurture them in. Two years had almost gone by at that point and we really weren’t any closer to our goal. So we would give this business at least 3 months hard work and then re-assess whether we felt it had the potential for us to continue.

I’ll let PBA tell about the details of those first three months. They had some ups and downs. We made some mistakes that we chuckle over now (but we gave ourselves the task of appreciating and learning from our mistakes).

This I will say, by the first textbook season I was astounded and convinced. That’s the first thing I want to say about those three months: I finally saw a way that we could work hard and not get behind. We could even move ahead and have growth!

The other thing I want to say is that I really, really enjoy this business. I love being surrounded by books. I know that’s weird, but I do. I also like that our kids can work for us and we can pay them. It means that they can save up and get some things we couldn’t afford for them before.

I’m so proud of what my husband has done and what we have done as a family to build this business. This may not be the best home business for everyone, but it has been the best home business for my family.

I’m so thankful to the Lord that PBA stumbled on the Textbook Arbitrage Webinar, and I’m thankful to the Lord that he jumped onto the chance and tried it. This is not a business I would have taken on myself, but I’m amazed at how well we have done with PBA at the helm and the Lord’s blessing.

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