People Are Making Money by Buying and Selling books Online

How do people make money buying and selling books online?

We understand the question, that’s where we were a little over a year ago! Actually, to tell the truth, we weren’t even considering the question because we knew so little about it. This type of business as a way to support our family wasn’t even on our radar!

Who ARE these people that are making money this way?

Well, we are!

And if your look around our website, you’ll be able to read our story. But the short of it is that we were in pretty dire straits financially and we tried about four or five other home based businesses. This is the business which fit our family the best. We like the independence it gives us combined with the growth potential. Pretty much, once we learned the ropes it all came down to how much we had available to re-invest in the business, the demand for our product is already there as well as the platform to sell it.

We’d like to show you others who are doing the same thing.

In this section of our blog, we’ll be introducing you to other people who do what we do. We’ll share with you the story of how they got into buying and selling books. You’ll see the journey they took, the pitfalls they may have faced and we’ll ask them to share a tip or two with you.

We hope to interview some of the people PBA has mentored in this business as well as some of the people who’ve showed him the tools and tips of the trade. Some of those types of posts will be here on our our blog and some of them will be in our Basic Training section and in our Advanced Training section.

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