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Full Time Bibber Journal: Month 1 Day 12

Month 1 Day 12

Long day today, but a good day, in which I attempted to put into action my new parameters for sourcing live books.

I need to refine it a little more.

And, as I tend to break my own rules, I need to use the parameters as guidelines only. I’m getting better at seeing more opportune books, and being willing to take a few more buying risks. Today I went to a library sale in Arkansas. It wasn’t a big library or a big sale, and there weren’t that many people there. I was there when it started, and there were a couple of other scanners working the room. They left within the hour, and they were very haphazard. I basically scanned every book (with obvious exceptions) in the sale, staying about 5 hours.  

My take was 97 books.

That doesn’t count a couple of slow-moving but high-dollar books I bought for doing Merchant Fulfilled, and one book that Jenette stole from me when I got back. I think she would have stolen more if I’d let her. One other book I came back with I think the people working the sale must have snuck into my stack. They counted all the books for me, so maybe they put that extra one in my pile, hopefully by accident.  

I spent $162 for the 97 plus books, and after I listed them all, my total potential profit as I have them currently priced is $567. The average sales rank of the 95 books is 472,754. Assuming that I can sell 60% of the books within 90 days or so, as is typical, I think I can safely say that I will have attained about a 200% profit on my $162 within 90 days. We’ll see if that holds up. I bought all the books today, and listed them all today, so that the kids (my prep center) can ship them tomorrow. I am really wanting to get my turn rate moving faster. Plus, I’m going to another book sale tomorrow.

I said I wanted to try to get 500 books in these April book sales.

So I’m off to a good start today: only 403 more to go. I need to not just buy them, but get them shipped in April. Being a full-time entrepreneur (bibber) means I have to take full advantage of the opportunities I am given, and then move the books as fast as I can.    

April Library Sales Tracking Chart:


# of BOOKS

$ Spent

$ Profit

Avg SR










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