The First #hundreddollarchallenge

Pro Book Arbitrage Facebook Live Event

So, do you wonder what our #hundreddollarchallenge Is?

We show you how we source books that we believe will earn us one hundred dollars in profit once they sell. You get to see how the tools keep us from making mistakes in our purchases and alert us to good buys.

I made this video to explain the #hundrenddollarchallenge to our Facebook followers. This was my first time using Facebook Live on a business page in Facebook. I was kind of shying away from doing it, but I know the best way to teach is to show and in order to show people what we do using Facebook Live, I had better give it a test-run the day before we hit the book sale

So I used this opportunity to explain the #hundreddollarchallenge. It ended up being kind of fun, with a cameo appearance from my daughter. πŸ™‚

My first Facebook Live attempt on Pro Books Arbitrage. To listen, you’ll have to hit the “unmute” button at the bottom of the video.

And Here we Are at the Book Sale

Oh my it was packed! We went to Mountain View, Arkansas to a local library and the room was full of books and full of people excited about buying books.

I was still gettiing the hang of using Facebook Live with my husband, haha, I had some very loud “off-stage” whispered instructions to him… Note to self, next time just say it outloud. πŸ™‚

The people there were so gracious and they were glad to have us buy a whole bunch of books because the money they made will go into the local library there. We had a blast and it feels like a date for us when we do these trips (great discussion driving there and back with a lunch out together as a bonus!) So, we had a date and made money in the process, pretty nice. πŸ™‚ Yes, I honestly love book hunting, I ussually get a few just for our pleasure and education as well.

So did we meet the #hundreddollarchallenge? Well, check out the video and see!

This challenge highlighted the FBA Scanner from Amazon It helps us determine how fast a book has been selling on Amazon, the profit margin and what the competing offers are. It’s an amazing tool for book sale events.

Interested in knowing more about buying and selling books online?