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Amazon FBA Raised it’s Warehouse Storage Fees Again: We Did This.
Changes to Amazon's FBA Fees?This image expresses what I imagine some vendors were feeling when they heard the news. Was[...]
Feeding the Beast: Growing Our Home Business.
Feeding the Beast:Growing our home BusinessHave you met the BIBS, our beast? The BIBS is our Business of Internet Book[...]
Start a part time business and turn it into a full time business.
Looking for a part-time business to fill in some of your financial gaps or give you more financial freedom? In[...]
Full Time Bibber Journal: Month 1 Day 12
Month 1 Day 12Long day today, but a good day, in which I attempted to put into action my new[...]
Full Time Bibber Journal – doing our book business full time.
Month 1 Day 11Being a full-time entrepreneur is much different than having a “side hustle.” I talked to a guy[...]
Online Home Business: Book Trading for Profit
Book Trading: Easy Money, Super Fast.Book trading is a great way to start a home business. It's not for everyone[...]
The Basic BIBS is complete now (no almost about it!)
All of the Basic BIBS Lessons are uploaded!That's exciting. In the Basic BIBS you'll find tutorials which will teach you[...]
Business Tip: Keep Track of Your All of Your Expenses
Business Tip: Keep Track of Your All of Your ExpensesSelling Books Online: What expenses are you keeping track of?Books are[...]
Buying and Selling Books Online: Doing it Part Time
Buying and Selling Books Online: Doing it Part TimeDo you realize you can sell the books you're reading for cash?Are[...]
Mistakes and Lost Money: Gauging the Value of a Book for Amazon FBA
Mistakes and lost moneyGauging the value of a book for your Amazon FBA StoreWhat gives a book value?If you're out[...]
Mistakes and Lost Money
Mistakes and lost MoneyDon't you just love to learn from other people's mistakes?Well, here we'll let you peek into some[...]
People Who are Making Money by Buying and Selling Books Online
People Are Making Money by Buying and Selling books OnlineHow do people make money buying and selling books online?We understand[...]