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Changes to Amazon's FBA Fees?

This image expresses what I imagine some vendors were feeling when they heard the news. Was that the look on Jim's face when he told me?

Not really. 🙂

So, if Jim made that face after he read about the changes to Amazon Warehouse Fees, I didn't see it. Maybe he'd digested it before he told me about it. Yes, we will be making some changes in which books we purchase based on the news, but the opportunity to make a great profit selling books on Amazon FBA hasn't changed. 

In Fact, this is what we did following Amazon's news:

  • 1
    We went to a library sale in Arkansas and bought 4 boxes if books there.
  • 2
    We went to a used books sale in Jeff City and bought around 10 boxes of books more.
  • 3
    We bid on an online on an auction and bought 6 pallets of books
  • 4
    We continued buying books online, as we had the money, the whole time.

It doesn't seem like we're very shaken up by the changes Amazon made. We just made sure our buying reflected those changes so that we don't end up losing money by selling books that sit around on the shelves too long.

Really, Amazon is just trying to take care of it's business by encouraging vendors to only send in what will sell in a timely manner.

We have just changed the numbers that we use when we're evaluating books to send in to Amazon FBA and that evaluations begins when we're shopping. We are always looking at the price, how much we can sell it for and how long it will stay on the shelves before it sells. 

Business is still good. 🙂

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