Are you having trouble making ends meet?

Many people are looking for a way to earn extra income from home.


That’s what we were looking for too.


We worked as freelance writers for websites and proof-readers for books. We also tried out various kinds of sales jobs that we could do on the side. Some of the work we did was more satisfying; some of it was not. None of the work we did made us enough money to make a real difference in our financial situation and none of it was scalable.

Then we stumbled upon Book Trades and found their whole business model intriguing.


Like many of the other business opportunities we tried out, there was an initial investment so that was something we had to consider. However, one thing we’ve learned in the past few years is that progress involves some risk.


Book Trades’ business model offered a whole lot:

  • We could work from home and set our own hours.
  • We could afford the investment and would return a profit quickly.
  • With the quick return, we could re-invest and grow the business at our pace.
  • It didn’t depend on us signing up all of our friends and family to succeed.


Book Trades software also helped us move beyond book trading to book arbitrage.

Book arbitrage is basically buying and selling books. In the same way that people buy and sell other commodities (antiques, houses etc.) you buy books that people don’t want and you sell them to people who do want them.

Easy, right?


Many people who took Book Trades up on their offer (including us) have created a thriving online book business and are making thousands of dollars of sales per month on Amazon and other outlets. But there where a few who were struggling…

Because of our success Book Trades asked us to join a small group of mentors to help out people who were having a hard time getting their business off the ground. We found that with a bit of teaching, feedback and encouragement to follow through, most people could go on to build a great book business using Book Trades.

We also found that people who were struggling had many of the same questions. Out of this experience an idea was hatched to create an online video course to complement the software system that Book Trade offers. We talked it over with the makes of Book Trades and they gave us the go-ahead.

Last year we created our video course called the BIBS.


What is the BIBS? It’s the Business of Internet Book Selling. We want to help you create your own BIBS with Book Trades.


It’s easy if you learn about a few rules and a few tools.

  1. Rules that help you buy books at a low price (that people actually want to buy.)
  2. With tools that help you do that (Book Trades is one important tool for that.)


Why do we think our BIBS course can help you build a successful Business of Internet Book Selling?


Over the past year we helped a number of other book sellers to build a successful income from home using Book Trades software and here is what they had to say…

Are you looking for a way to make money from home? We haven’t found anything that excites us more than book arbitrage for its potential to help people build a side business that can become their main business.


Interested in taking a look at The BIBS?.