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About Pro Books Arbitrage

We want to give you the BIBS

Pro Books Arbitrage is here to teach people how to buy and sell books online for a profit. 

My husband created BIBS courses on here to give people what we have. We want to give you the BIBS.

What is the BIBS?

The BIBS is the Business of Internet Book Selling. That is the business we do as a family. We source books online (sometimes driving to pick them up as well as ordering daily and receiving books by mail.) We package and sell these books online, mostly on Amazon using Amazon FBA.

Jim Clay (my husband, who teaches this course,) was so successful his first year that Book Trades asked him to be a mentor for others using their software. They wanted to see more of their clients learn how to use their software successfully. 

Below is an interview Book Trades did with Jim

I love this video, because it tells our story, and I'm so proud of my husband Jim. We've enjoyed working together and I've contributed, but if it weren't for Jim and Book Trades, we wouldn't be where we are today! Thanks Luke and Jon!

Creating Pro Books Arbitrage & Bringing You the BIBS

Jim really enjoys mentoring one on one, but he found he was running into a frustration.

Between running our business and also working part-time as a pastor, Jim couldn't take on as many clients for mentoring as he would like.

He also saw that many in his mentoring group needed help with the same set of fundamentals. He was interested in creating a website to teach people how to do what we do. So he approached me about creating this website.

This website would have a number of purposes:

  1. To train our adult children to learn all aspects of our book business. We pay them to do certain aspects of it and, as we continue to grow our business, we want to teach them to take on more and more of it. It's been an excellent source of income for them.
  2. To help friends and family who needed a little bit of extra income or needed to find a way to support their family with a business they could run from home.
  3. As an added source of income for us. We are an affiliate for the software we use in buying and selling books. If what we teach you helps you, and you want to purchase the system from Book Trades (to help you quickly source books, from home, online,) you can do it through our link. This will automatically gain entrance for you in BIBS Advanced Training (Which has specific lessons on using the Book Trades software.)

Jim has been a God-send to my Amazon FBA business. 

Merryn Flavell Flavell Books

Jim has been a God-send to my Amazon FBA business. He has gone the extra mile as my mentor and pushed my business forward by several months, teaching me many small details that are all important to making a real success selling used books on Amazon. Jim is encouraging, a great teacher, and a great example for me to follow.

My book sales have multiplied to where I am now reinvesting from my profits and money is coming in from all over the place - via Paypal, direct deposit, and Amazon gift card. WOW. It's a great problem to have! Thank you so much to Jim and Jenette for putting together this great website, where I can continue to learn. My whole family is blessed!

So... WHAT is the BIBS???

  • The $49.99 Basic BIBS Membership level offers access to a video tutorials course which teaches the fundamentals of creating a Business of Internet Book Selling. It's enough for anyone to get started selling books. You can dabble in it and see if it's a good fit for you without a huge commitment and investment.
  • For those who want to use Book Trades, the system we use for sourcing books online, we also offer our Advanced BIBS (FREE) To get into Advanced BIBS for free, you need to purchase the Book Trades system through our affiliate link. Watch their informational webinar on that link to find out about their special price. If you buy through our link you will also receive one online mentoring session with Jim. If you do this, you'll also receive one FREE online mentoring session with Jim (90 minutes of personalized instruction.)
  • For those who aren't ready to purchase the Book Trades system, but want to move on to participate in Advanced BIBS, please check out this post to see all of your options for learning how to do this business using our BIBS tutorials.

 We highly recommend Book Trades! We are able to pay for the monthly fee in one slow day of sales each month. During textbook season, the monthly payment is just a blip on our radar. We hardly notice it.

The money we spend each month to use the Book Trades system helps Jon and Luke to continue to keep it up and make improvements (which they have consistently done.) It is well worth the money to us.

Book trades enables Jim to purchase books from home day consistently, no matter what else is going on.

If you're interested in how you can build a Business of Internet Book Selling using our tutorials click on the button to go to the post we made about your options.

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